Diamond Design Comfortable and Healthy Far Infrared Sauna (I-011)

Model:I-011 Size:1100*1100*2000mm (can be customized)Benefits does Infrared sauna have?1)Mold the body: infrared can eliminate excess fat, recover skin, reduce weight and keep fit.2)Pain relief: infrared can dilate&

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Size:1100*1100*2000mm (can be customized)
Diamond Design Comfortablehealthy Far Infrared Sauna House (I-011)Diamond Design Comfortablehealthy Far Infrared Sauna House (I-011)Diamond Design Comfortablehealthy Far Infrared Sauna House (I-011)Diamond Design Comfortablehealthy Far Infrared Sauna House (I-011)Diamond Design Comfortablehealthy Far Infrared Sauna House (I-011)
Benefits does Infrared sauna have?
1)Mold the body: infrared can eliminate excess fat, recover skin, reduce weight and keep fit.
2)Pain relief: infrared can dilate capillaries, support blood circulation, increase oxygen for the pain site, clear up the ache and inflammation.
3)Strength health: enjoy infrared 30 minutes can consume 4000kj calories which is equivalent to these sweat of a long-distance race of 10 km. 
4)Good mood: harmony infrared with dulcet music which is useful to alleviate mental stress and tiredness.
The difference between infrared sauna and traditional sauna?
Traditional sauna heat skin through heating the air but infrared spread without any air.That's mean you will sweat in a infrared sauna but breathe cool air.
Generally speaking,sweat temperature for infrared sauna is 35-40C but 70-90C for traditional sauna.Further more,traditional sauna  doesn't save energy when compared to infrared sauna.
The difference between far infrared and full spectrum infrared?
We measure infrared by the wavelength just like other light.Infrared includes near infrared(IR-A),middle infrared(IR-B) and far infrared(IR-C).
Full spectrum infrared includes IR-A,IR-B and IR-C.It effects much deeper skin than single far infrared.That's mean full spectrum infrared makes people perspire more toxin and fat.

Size 1100*1100*2000mm
MaterialCanadian cedar wood
Power of Head lamp24W
Power of heater plate0.6KW
Glass8mm tempered glass
Capacity1-2 people
Tempered Glass Door1 set
Wood Stool1 pcs
Heat plate2 pcs
Control Panel1 pc
Colorful LED lights1 batch
Stainless steel and wooden handle1 set
Stainless Steel Hinge1 set
PackingPolythene+Cardboard Boxes+Foam Plastic+Wooden Case
Delivery25 days after deposit received, shipment by sea
After-sales service
Warranty1 year

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