Injection screw and barrel ABS injection molding machine screw and barrel bimetallic screw and barrel

Injection Screw Barrel ABS Injection Screw Barrel bimetallic screw barrelSpecification:Screw diameter: Ø 20mm-Ø 220mmMould clamping force: 250T-3200TShot weight: 30G-30000GBase Materials:(1)38CrMoAlA(JIS SACM645)(2)42CrMo(AISI 4140)(3)4Cr5MoSi V1 (JIS SKD-61)Bimetallic alloy materials:1)Fe-based alloy2)Ni-based all

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Injection Screw Barrel ABS Injection Screw Barrel bimetallic screw barrel
Screw diameter: Ø 20mm-Ø 220mm
Mould clamping force: 250T-3200T
Shot weight: 30G-30000G

Base Materials:
(1)38CrMoAlA(JIS SACM645)
(2)42CrMo(AISI 4140)
(3)4Cr5MoSi V1 (JIS SKD-61)

Bimetallic alloy materials:
1)Fe-based alloy
2)Ni-based alloy/Deloro alloy
3)Co-based alloy
4)NiCo-based alloy
5)Tungsten carbide/Wolfram carbide

Heat treatment
High-frequency quenching
Nitriding treatment
Hard-chrome electroplating
Bimetallic alloy welding
Bimetallic alloy centrifugal casting

Technical parameter:
Nitrided layer depth: 0.5-0.8mm
Nitrided hardness: 900-1000HV
Nitrided brittleness: Less than grade 1
Surface roughness: Ra0.4
Linearity of screw: 0.015mm
Hard-chrome plating hardness after nitriding: ≥ 950HV
Chrome-plating layer depth: 0.025-0.085mm
Bimetallic layer depth: 3mm

Main Base materials
1.38CrMoAlA  (Nitriding Steel)
2.  SKD-61   (Special Tool Steel)
3.  42CrMo (Ultrahigh Strength   Steel)
4. DC53 ( Cold Work   Die Steel)  
5. W6Mo5Cr4V2 ( High-Speed   Tool   Steel )
6. HPT
Main Alloy Materials
1.  Ni-based alloy/Deloro alloy
2.  Tungsten carbide/Wolfram carbide
3.  NiCo-based alloy
4.  Fe-based alloy
5.  Co-based alloy  
Processing Technics
1.  Heat treatment
2.  Quenching
3.  Nitriding treatment
4.  Bimetallic alloy welding
5.  Bimetallic alloy centrifugal casting
6.  Hard-chrome electroplating
Technical parameters
Nitriding layer depth0.5-0.8mm
Nitrided hardnessHRC56-58
Nitrided brittlenessLess than grade 1
Surface roughnessRa 0.4
Linearity of screw0.015mm
Hard-chrome plating hardness≥HRC57
Chrome-plating layer depth0.03-0.09mm
Bimetallic layer depth3 mm
Bimetallic layer hardnessHRC58-62
Above are main technical information, a suitable screw and barrel will be made according to your requirement.

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