St901 Hyperbaric Oxygen Capsule Sauna Room 1.3ATA

Model ST901ChamberCapsulePressure1.3ATAMaterialTPUSize(D*L)90X225cm(36\'89\')Weight13kgAirCompressorSize39x24x26cm(16\'x10\'x11\')TypeQuite&Oil Free Type. Two super adsorption activated carbon filters in air Input and Outlet to protect.OxygenConcentratorSize35x32x57cm(14\'x13\'x23\')Flow Rate5Liter/minDescriptionPSA Mol

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St901 Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Oxygen Capsule Sauna Chamber 1.3ATA
St901 Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Oxygen Capsule Sauna Chamber 1.3ATA
Model ST901

TypeQuite&Oil Free Type. Two super adsorption activated carbon filters in air Input and Outlet to protect.

Flow Rate5Liter/min
DescriptionPSA Molecular Sieve High Technology. Continuous Oxygen production, no need for oxygen tank.
St901 Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Oxygen Capsule Sauna Chamber 1.3ATA
St901 Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Oxygen Capsule Sauna Chamber 1.3ATA
St901 Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Oxygen Capsule Sauna Chamber 1.3ATASt901 Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Oxygen Capsule Sauna Chamber 1.3ATA

Q1. What Condition You Can't Use the Chamber for Treatment?

A: · If you have any cold or flu symptoms, fever, sinus or nasal congestion, or chest congestion.
     · If there is a possibility that you may be pregnant.
     · If there has been a change in any of your medications.

     · If you have skipped a meal prior to your HBO treatment.
     · If you are diabetic and did not take your insulin prior to your treatment.
     · If you have any concerns or anxiety.

Q2. How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Help Brain Injury or Stroke?

Hypercritical oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a medical treatment which enhances the body's natural healing process by inhalation of 100% oxygen in a total body chamber, where atmospheric pressure is increased and controlled. It is used for a wide variety of treatments usually as a part of an overall medical care plan.
When cells in the brain die, either from trauma or lack of oxygen, blood plasma leaks out into surrounding brain tissue causing swelling and reducing blood flow. These otherwise normal cells go dormant because they can't function without the appropriate amount of oxygen. HBOT dramatically increases the oxygen carried in the blood plasma, making oxygen available to heal damaged capillary walls, preventing plasma leakage and reducing swelling. As the swelling decreases, blood flow can be restored to the dormant tissue (neovascularization) and these cells then have the potential to function again.

Q3. Why Is Oxygen So Important?

A: Every day an average adult consumes 2 kg of food, 1 liter of water and almost 550 liters of oxygen. 90% of our daily energy comes from oxygen and the rest food and water. Our brain is 2% of the total weight and uses of 25% of the oxygen we breath. We need this oxygen for the energy cycle that sustains life. When we do not have enough oxygen in our body tissues a series of events occur that if not corrected lead to disease conditions, either infection, tissue destruction or both. If there is low oxygen in tissues (hypoxia) there is a short window of opportunity to correct it. An excellent method to correct tissue hypoxia is by using a hyperbaric chamber.

Q4. What Do You Feel Inside A Hyperbaric Chamber?

A: When the chamber is pressurization, your ears may feel pressure changes. You might feel a little painful in ears. To equalize the pressure and avoid the feeling of fullness in ears, you can yawning, swallowing or "blow the nose". Other than this ear pressure there are no usual or different sensations.

Q5. How Does Being Inside A Pressurized Chamber Give Us More Oxygen?

A: When we are inside a chamber pressurized at 1.3 or 1.5 times of the normal air pressure it may not feel different, but breathing pure oxygen in such a chamber gives 7-8 times the regular amount of oxygen. Henry's Law-Henry law states that for a gas-liquid interface the amount of gas that dissolves in the liquid is proportional to its partial pressure. The pressurized oxygen dissolves directly into all body fluids. In a few minutes this extra oxygen builds up tissue oxygen levels far above normal. This action has been scientifically proven to stimulate healing.

Q6. What Improvements Can I Expect To See?

A: This is one of those questions which has so many different variables and answers we will have to generalize. We will answer this question from general experience and with the understanding that no 2 people get the same results. It is very rare that we do not use see improvements. What we are looking for is an improvement in the quality of life for anyone.

Q7. When Will I Know How Many Sessions Of HBOT Are Enough?

A: You will not. What you will be able to notice is whether you are continuing to get improvements. A clinical study on 1730 subjects shows the need of around 15 sessions for acute injuries and 40 for chronic ones. If you saw results during the first 4- sessions, do another 40. If improvement continues, do another 40. Etc. Etc. You are a better judge of the number of sessions needed than any Doctor.

Q8: What about Oxygen Toxicity?

A: Oxygen Toxicity is not a problem at pressure below 1.5ATA. Many times stress is mistakes for oxygen toxicity. Occasionally, there may be a patient who is more sensitive to Oxygen than others and pressures may need to be adjusted to meet the needs of the patient.


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