2022-07-01 19:52:09 By : Mr. Charles He

Some pieces of art are meant to hang on the wall, while other masterpieces are found in a bathroom.

In Dartmouth, there's a delicious Thai restaurant called Sivalai Thai Cuisine II. The original Sivalai is on Sconticut Neck Road in Fairhaven.

Normally, I'll order some chicken Pad Thai with some Lark Kai Crispy Rolls and a side of mango fried rice, but today I decided to dine in. It's something I rarely do since I'm always on the go, but I was overdue for a nice sit-down. Honestly, the food tastes better when it's hot and fresh from the kitchen to the dining room table.

During lunch with Stephanie Davignon, an old friend from Westport, she noticed something unique in the restaurant. She found it in the bathroom and showed me a photo of it.

The toilet paper holder was some type of acrylic heinie that dispensed the toilet paper from the rear-end. Literally.

Complete with an interesting lower-back tattoo that complemented the artwork perfectly, this toilet paper holder was unlike anything I've seen at any restaurant.

The point of all this is simple:

A restaurant that decorates from head to toe (and apparently places in between), even if it's in the lavatories, shows how well they pay attention to detail. Here is something that's guaranteed to make people smile, a nice piece of comic relief while you're visiting the restrooms.

I'm here for it.