8 wild and wonderful personal saunas

2022-07-29 19:56:03 By : Ms. Hana HE

Try a personal sauna from the comfort of your own home!

I, for one, am convinced it was "The Simpsons" who put the idea of a jacuzzi suit out into the world for major retailers like Wayfair and Amazon to poach and perfect for the comfort-loving people who need hot water in its many forms to relax after a day at the mill. 

While the real-life versions of the whole-body mobile spa aren’t as cartoonishly outlandish (or outlandishly cartoonish) as the jacuzzi suit, the sheer number of reasonably-priced personal saunas you can order from sites like Amazon or Wayfair is surprising at best. From this $160 Durasage Oversized Portable Steam Sauna Spa to a way more expensive version that uses “intense sauna immersion” to “raise your core body temperature,” these are some of the wildest and most wonderful personal saunas on the internet. 

YYBUSHER Single Person Indoor Portable Far Infrared Sauna

Bridging the gap between sauna and igloo, this 1050-watt personal “hyperthermia box” (their words, not mine) heats up to temperatures of 167 degrees Fahrenheit for an invigorating sauna sesh without the monthly membership fees of a spa. Just be prepared to answer a lot of questions if and when someone walks in on you using this thing.  

The Far Infrared Sauna Cocoon

Imagine coming home to this thing after a day of back-breaking labor to support your kids’ passion for *shudder* the arts. Coming in hot from Hammacher Schlemmer, this infrared cocoon certainly gives off the vibe of a Sky Mall product but is designed to provide a soothing infrared heating treatment without leaving the comfort of your home. Use it in your bed, on the couch, or splayed out on the ground like a helpless worm trapped in a giant tortilla. At $249.95, it’s worth trying out!

mefeir 2L Steam Sauna Portable Home Spa

Part portable sauna, part honest-to-goodness mobile dressing room, this bizarre take on the mobile sauna haunts people like me on Twitter and Instagram like the demonic doll my daughter keeps digging up from my yard. That being said, don’t know it ‘til ya try it; a portable steam boiler inside four layers of insulated fabric helps take temperatures up to a toasty 140 degrees Fahrenheit for relaxation wherever and whenever you damn want. 

OXINGO Single Person Indoor FAR Infrared Sauna

It’s a sleeping bag! It’s a sauna! It’s… both? Keeping you warm and toasty like a human Hot Pocket, this 1-person infrared sauna is made using high-quality PU material that heats up quickly and evenly for the ultimate in relaxation. Customization is the name of the game, courtesy of an included control panel that gives you total power over the internal temperature. 

Featuring industry-leading ThermaLight® technology, this extra fancy personal sauna uses four 250-watt full-spectrum infrared lights to help you work up one heck of a sweat faster than “traditional” saunas. Also, notice how this deluxe infrared sauna doesn’t come with a bevy of elderly men. What’s not to love?

SereneLife SLISAU35BK Full Size Portable Steam Sauna

This collapsible personal sit-in sauna comes included with a 1600-watt high-power heating element that heats up to temps of 122 degrees Fahrenheit for the kind of spa experience without having to leave your home. Get your steam on anytime you want, anywhere you want while built-in zippers offer easy access to your phone so you can doom scroll in style. 

Sure, it looks like a dystopian torture device, but don’t knock it ‘til you try it. A 1050-watt system uses infrared heat and three carbon heating panels to get temperatures up to 140° F for on-the-go relaxation. Collapsing down to the size of a suitcase, each sauna is made of moisture-resistant fabric and includes a handheld remote for total convenience. 

Possibly the nicest personal sauna of the brood, this powerful infrared sauna offers total immersion and comfort with a design that helps the body achieve its most relaxed state possible. Environmentally friendly and made from solvent-free vegan leather, this professional-grade sauna uses therapeutic stones and Zero EMF technology to deliver a spa-worthy experience where you’re the only client. 

Jeremy Glass is a freelance writer living in Vacationland with his wife, daughter, and pup. Give his website a read at candyandpizza.com.