biophilic tiny cabin proposal by milad eshtiyaghi hovers above verdant rainforest in brazil

2022-09-09 19:55:22 By : Ms. Lily Tan

Adding to his extensive collection of escapist hideaway visualizations, architect Milad Eshtiyaghi unveils Slope House 3, an untraditional A-frame timber cabin that employs biophilic design inside and out. Set on top of a picturesque hillside in a verdant rainforest of Brazil, the tiny house sits on a set of stilts, protecting and preserving the ecology of the area. 

All images courtesy of Milad Eshtiyaghi 

The house is composed of two sloping volumes, presenting a signature triangular frame that puts a twist on the conventional A-frame cabin. One module accommodates the bedroom, while the other houses the common areas such as the kitchen, and the living room. In order to keep the surrounding environment intact, Milad Eshtiyaghi has separated the dwelling from the ground, by building an elevated truss structure. Therefore, the natural terrain and the living species of the region will not be damaged and will continue to live under and around the cabin. 

Since one of the clients is interested in gardening, the architect decided to adorn the interior with natural plants, forming a small garden, while there is also a larger garden under the main bedroom. To make sure that both the grdens and the sky can be seen from inside the building, Eshtiyaghi installed transparent flooring in the bedroom, as well as a sloping roof with a skylight. In this way, occupants have the starry sky above them before falling asleep at night, and wake up to the sunrise in the morning. 

Name: Slope House 3 Architect: Milad Eshtiyaghi Location: Brazil

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